The Rat Brigade


“The Rat Brigade”

Support the Rebellion!

Help SLOW the use of Aircraft!

The Public RELEASE of Large Rats near Aircraft Loading Zones

should have "AN ADVERSE EFFECT" on the desire of

Greed Driven Fools

to maintain their Flight Schedules.

Especially so AFTER some of those RATS,

having been drawn near the Aircraft by “Attraction Baits”

have nibbled at various Flight Cables,

(They seem to LIKE the Taste!)

and, “WOE!" send a few such Aircraft on a



Breaking News!

Some Of Those Rats Might



Airlines subjected to the FIRST of such actions

shall be informed of the date and the number of Rats released and where

“Cheese Coated - Attraction Baits” have been strategically placed / thrown.

(As best as possible - as our “Rat Brigade” participants

shall do so from a distance in order to NOT risk arrest and thereby help

Greed Driven Fools avoid concerns of, possibly, boarding

“Compromised Aircraft”.)


Airlines wishing to be subsequently informed of such actions,

need but contribute an upfront FEE of $1,000.00 per month per Airport

where their “Services & Efforts” threatening our Future are available.

This “Public Information Page” should facilitate

requests by Airlines to recover such cost

by INCREASING the Fares paid by Greed Driven Individuals

who care NOT about the Costs & Consequences of their ACTIONS

upon fellow Human Beings.


In return, contributing Airlines shall be informed of

the date & location of all such releases NEAR their Aircraft.

All Funds received by this effort shall be directed to

Groups doing THEIR UTMOST to SAVE Our Children's World!

The selection of such groups shall

be assigned to Greta Thunberg

- @GretaThunberg #GretaThunberg -

and others who share her commitment.


Sincerely, Daniel J. Lavigne,

Founder, “The Tax Refusal”

🦊 🦊

Enlist!  Engage!  Educate! 

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