Pre Departure Donations


steps forward

to help the aged

and all who understand:

We are trapped in

“A Life Extinction Event”

currently identified as a


HeatRise Scenario


Ergo, subsequent

to all appraisals

of our near future

prospects due the


Global HeatRise:

Should overwhelming 

feelings of doom,

personal guilt and a

harsh hopelessness develop,

for whatever reasons,

including our


to have

long ago taken

"immediate action”.

And that has led to an

absolute, firm and truly

determined intent

to forego further knowledge of

the developing

worldwide madness

via an

“early exit”


Consider making



"Reason Why Statement"

with / or without 

a monetary gift

as a contribution to this

effort to wake Humanity.

(And a continuing effort,

despite the terminating nature of our madness,

to provide  health, housing and dental care

to the young and impoverished

in the Golden Triangle area.)

All such


shall be acknowledged

and publicized

via these web-sites

then sealed and buried in time capsules

 on or near various shorelines with

appropriate mantras in close

proximity to, or within, various


in South-East Asia as:

“Personal Observations

of Humanity’s


Thoughts & Behaviour 


All such statements

should be sent to:

Our Children

By The Way


To Pray:





Please . . to all . . especially

the aged and others in

whichever state that

might prod such:

Do not consider this as an attempt to lead

you or any other into taking your lives

due the madness that has spread

across the world!

It is being used to push the world

to respond with an


that may spur an awakening!

Thank you!


Cringe Not Before

The Soul Of Time

I Cringed Before The Soul Of Time 

I Craved For Love's Release 

I Cried I Lived Without Life's Wine 

And Cursed The Kiss I Gave The Beast.

May Time On Bended Knee Forgive 

Some Thoughts That Too Oft Passed 

May Life Aside Make Recognized 

Lives Lived As Greening Grass.

May The Shadowed Day That Shamed Us 

Be Discussed, Relived And Shared 

And May The Guilt Of Our Dark Past 

Guide Us Far From Greed's Dank Air.

May In Some Dream We Wake  

And Hear A Voice So Soft 

You Were Young And So Misled 

Is The Reason You Were Lost

Too Quick Was John The Baptist  

When He Sought To Change His Times 

And Ran And Talked With Passion 

To Change The Souls Of Swine

Let Not That Urge Mislead You! 

Think! Consider! Meet! Debate! 

And With The Freedom Thereby Earned 

Lead Life To A New Gate

Where There A Door Is Open 

But None May Yet Dare Pass 

That Sinned And Regretted Not 

The Evils Of Their Past

Cringe Not Before The Soul Of Time 

Taste Love! Risk! Explain Your View! 

And Learn From Eternal Life 

That Which We Always Knew.

To The Power Of Love.


January 27, 2001

Daniel J. Lavigne

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