MEMO to New York Times

To: The New York Times Editorial Board October 18, 2016

I read, with great attention, your recent article praising the effort to limit HFC's.

Unfortunately, such will not be sufficient. 

The accelerating / self-reinforcing effects of our collective / continuing contributions to the Climate Change Threat have now reached a point where the high / extreme potential for a cumulative / self-feeding acceleration (of which we were warned in 2008 via the Tallberg Forum) is now in play.

Essentially, absent extra-ordinary measures taking place (Such as I long ago suggested and as posted to .), we have lost the planet.

Please do note that, due greed, or however we wish to paint our failure to address the threat, our children should be informed that, other than that which is suggested at the above site, there is little chance that anything might grace our greed driven determination to continue as we always have.

To be blunt: The heat rise, with respect to ‘Human Time-Lines”, shall be non-stop. And we have always known that. 

All intervening statements and associated support of meaningless half-measures by purportedly “aware” reporters were, and remain, without meaning.

Is there ANY room for any further hope that we might decide to do the ONLY thing that MIGHT save us? 

That is doubtful, very doubtful. 

It is doubtful AS the ONLY remaining possibility of avoiding that which EVERYONE should know spells our near future immolation . . involves the absolute halt to all use of all fossil fuels. Including ALL production processes for whatever reason. Including efforts to produce necessary energy by whatever means.

To all: 

Either we HONESTLY confront this development, or accept that our love affair with "Our Prized Mobility" and our well-established inability to forego so much as one percent of its contributions to our present day lives, DOOMS our future. Actually, we should say: "Dooms our children's future.".

I ask that everyone at the NY Times who is involved in efforts to make this a news-worthy           subject  . . . familiarize themselves with the concept of 'forever'. 

As that is how long, in human terms, the developing effects of the now "Accelerating Runaway Global GreenHouse Heating Scenario" shall last, vis-a-vis our concept of time.

To close (And with all woe.): Absent an immediate and worldwide implementation of that which I suggest (and Implore be done!), we have successfully trashed our planet to such a point that our imminent extinction is, most probably, un-avoidable.

In another time frame, while existing in a world that is now lost to me, I addressed this very subject as part of “The Tax Refusal”. And wrote of it in “ManKind / ManCruel”.

Unfortunately, we were then, and now, unable to build insight and integrity sufficient to have the majority refuse to support societies that were and remain party to plans and preparations involving a will and capacity to use weapons of mass murder against millions of defenceless fellow human beings.

That fault, that inability, is what now assures and guarantees our inability to do anything, and our associated determination to avoid doing anything, that might require any limitation on our collective demands for “More!” . . . regardless the cost and consequences to our very own children.

Unfortunately, the above says it all: 

We know that continuing on the road to an insane end shall deliver us to that destination. In this case it shall be our near future immolation on greed’s heating altar as there is no way that any ONE or any society, especially one wherein more than 2% would support a fool such as Donald J. Trump, will be able to find a way to collectively wake and make the only effort that MIGHT save our children from that which we presently seem to believe is an acceptable outcome. Thank you.

To a safer, saner and more caring world.

To Duty!

Daniel J. Lavigne


Tuesday 7:49 AM Cambodia July 11, 2017: The predicted release this Fall of a huge amount of Hydrates from the Shallow Arctic Ocean Basin has the potential to kick the Global HeatRise into overdrive; spurring a sudden rise in temperatures that may well lead to the extinction of all LIfe on the planet within a few years.


“Dodos! Why were we so?"

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